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Mid West Specialist Training Programme in General Practice

Mid-West Specialist Training Programme in General Practice

The aim of the programme is to provide an optimal environment for personal and professional growth for the trainee and enable them to:

  •  Be eligible to enrol on the Specialist Medical Register, in General Practice
  •  Practice lifelong learning to maintain them in their Career as General Practitioners Promote Self-Awareness and how it affects Doctor-Patient, Personal and Professional Relationships
  •  Practice Critical Evaluation, Audit and Research

At the satisfactory completion of 4 years training of which 2 years are spent in hospital training and 2 years in the community our graduates are enabled to:

  •  Function independently as family doctors
  •  Be aware of their own changing personal educational and development needs 
  • Through lifelong learning meet the changing health needs of their community

To achieve these aims our trainees practice

  •  Problem based learning
  •  Learn team work in small groups  Challenge “Changing Truths”
  •  Learn confidentiality

The ethos of the programme is experiential or “Learning by doing” whilst the content is trainee led and resourced. At the day release programme attention is paid to written learning outcomes, with protected time for process evaluation and assessment. As with all problem based programmes there is a critical evaluation and personal development section to enhance the trainees learning experience.

This is facilitated by the Human Doctor Programme & away days at Glenstal Abbey on self- care and mindfulness. A very successful trainee lead journal club is also run every week where self-chosen pre read papers are evaluated. The scheme is based on the vibrant campus at the University of Limerick. We do not hold an open day we invite potential candidates to book into one of our teaching sessions held in UL on Wednesday afternoons. This will give them the opportunity to witness the teaching session first hand and to meet with some of the programme directing team and the trainees.

Booking with Tina Carroll via the Contact Us form or phone 061-213485.